2018 Special Prizes & Rules

BSP K100,000 Marlin 2018

Bank South Pacific have put up K100,000 cash for any Marlin caught during the Titles ( ie not Shootout ) that weighs 250kg or more. BSP have been sponsoring this prize since 2006. All Marlin and Broadbill are eligible.Wednesday 28th March 2018 Is the Trukai Billfish Shootout! Download the poster for the rules!

Trukai Shootout Challenge 2018

This is an event which is run separately to the Titles, but during the same period over Easter. It is a one day competition, held on the Wednesday with each team entry costing K1,000.00. Winner takes all. It was first introduced in Rabaul in 2000, and we are proud to announce Trukai are proud sponsors of the 2018 Shootout Challenge.

The actual rules may change from Titles to Titles according to the host club's waters, however for Lae the minimum weight to qualify is 96kg’s. It is a 24kg lineclass event and reverts to tagged and released fish if none is captured. All Marlin are eligible.