2020 Special Prizes & Rules

 BSP K100,000 for first 250kg+ Marlin Capture

Skel Rice Billfish Shootout 2020

Trakpro Special Prizes



BSP K100,000 Marlin 2020
Bank of South Pacific have put up K100,000 cash for any Marlin caught during the Titles (i.e. not the Billfish Shootout) that weighs 250kg or more. BSP have been sponsoring this prize since 2006. All Marlin and Broadbill are eligible. 
The following terms and conditions apply to the capture:
  1. It meets the International Game Fishing Authority (IGFA) rules in relation to tackle and style·of fishing. Rules applying to the Titles themselves are also to be enforced.
  2. The maximum line class is to be 37kg and only anglers who are fishing on either of their two allocated fishing days are eligible. This prize is not eligible for any participants in the shoot-out competition.
  3. All Marlin species is acceptable, i.e., Blue, Black, Striped and Broadbill, and the fish are to be weighed on New Britain Game Fishing Club certified scales.
  4. Any fish caught that are considered to be eligible are to be radioed in to the Titles base and in the event that more than one are caught on the same day, the prize will be allocated to the first capture that, was radioed in that meets the weight criteria.
  5. As stated above, the National Titles Competition rules apply and in the event of any dispute, tournament committee decisions will be binding. This may apply to matters such as meeting weigh-in cut off times.
  6. A Marlin weighing 250kg or more that qualify for points for the anglers in the National Titles will be eligible.

Skel Rice Billfish Shootout 2020
Wednesday 8th April Is the Skel Rice Billfish Shootout! This is an event which is run separately to the Titles, but during the same period. It is a one-day competition, held on the Wednesday with each team entry costing K1,000.00. Entry fees are pooled and the Winner takes all. It was first introduced in Rabaul in 2000, and we are proud to announce Skel Ricei are proud sponsors of the 2020 Shootout Challenge. For more information see Rules & Regulations - Skel Rice Billfish Shoout.



Trakpro Special Prizes

Trakpro is offering over K10,000 in special prizes throughout the Titles Tournament. Cash prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • K1000 Heaviest Mahi Mahi
  • K1000 Heaviest Yellowfin
  • K1000 Heaviest Mackerel
  • K1000 Heaviest Sailfish
  • K1000 Heaviest Marlin
  • K1000 Best Photo of the comp
  • K1000 Quickest Marlin Caught
  • K1000 Biggest Barracuda with Photo
  • K1000 8kg - Heaviest Yellowfin
  • K1000 - Who ever drinks 6 beers before 8am