2017 Trukai Billfish Shootout

Trukai Billfish Shootout Rules
1. There will be only one prize, HEAVIEST MARLIN, or if no weighed marlin, most billfish tag points.
2. A Marlin must weigh minimum 100kg, if it is to be eligible to be weighed in the shootout. Smaller billfish should be tagged. Marlin 100 points Sailfish 50 points. 
3. Only Pacific Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin and Sailfish captured within the official Madang Game Fishing Club waters will qualify for the shootout. (Refer to the chart in this magazine).
4. The shootout will be a 24kg line class only competition. 
5. Each team will consist of a minimum of 2 anglers, there will be no maximum, so long as the safety of the respective boat/s is not jeopardized. Team members must be affiliated with the GFAPNG. 
6. There will be a shotgun start at 6.30am for all boats participating in the shootout. ALL boats must leave from the Madang Club Marina. Details of the shotgun start will be provided at the briefing. 
7. Lines out is at 1700hrs and latest weigh in at 1900hrs. Skippers / Team Captains are reminded that boats must be within achievable reach (at the documented cruising speed of that boat) of the official tournament gantry by 1900hrs, if they wish to fish till 1700hr lines out call. 
8. A late weigh in can be called providing that the fish was hooked prior to lines out call at 1700. The Marlin must be landed or tagged and the boat back within sight of the official tournament gantry by 2400hrs. Otherwise that boat will be disqualified. If a late weigh in is called, that boat must be within achievable reach of the gantry by 1900hrs at the time of hook up / call. 
9. The boats will be monitored by the official tournament radio base with radio skeds on the VHF Channel 82 to be conducted hourly, as per the normal sked times. Each boat will be required to give the following information upon leaving the Madang Club marina: The boat name and average cruising speed The number of POB, The number of registered anglers fishing and their tournament angler numbers or their name/s if not fishing in the National Titles, i.e. if no registration number the team name. 
10. Boats must ONLY report billfish strikes, hook up and captures. 
11. Missing consecutive radio skeds may disqualify a boat and fish, this will be at the discretion of the shootout committee. 
12. Each boat / team must provide a digital photograph or video footage of their billfish tag/s for the day. The shootout committee will check all photographs before declaring the winning team. 
13. A member of the shootout committee will also check all leader lengths and terminal tackle for the winning fish. 
14. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the first to reach the winning tag points. Note, that this time will be taken as the time recorded by the official club radio operator on the day. 
15. Entry Fee per boat is K1,000 
16. This day can be counted as a regular fishing day of the National Titles Tournament for those who choose not to fish the shootout. Shootout teams however, cannot count any shootout captures as part of the National Titles. 
17. A Calcutta may be run on the briefing / registration night where boats will be auctioned. In this event, MGFC will take 10% of the pool funds with the winning boat owner taking 90%.