2013 Program

Don't miss out on all the action!

Friday 22nd March :: Evening Sponsor - INTEROIL
Briefing Night
Saturday 23rd March :: Evening Sponsor - BSP Bank
Day 1 Fishing


Sunday 24th March :: Evening Sponsor - Pacific MMI
Day 2 Fishing 

Monday 25th March :: Evening Sponsor - Chemcare Group
Day 3 Fishing 

Tuesday 26th March :: Evening Sponsor - Brian Bell
Day 4 Fishing 

Wednesday 27th March :: Evening/Day Sponsor - Coca Cola Amatil
Shoot Out 

Thursday 28th March :: Evening Sponsor - Ela Motors
Day 5 Fishing 

Friday 29th March :: Evening Sponsor - Consort Express Lines
Day 6 Fishing 

Saturday 30th March :: Evening Sponsor - Global Internet
Day 7 Fishing 

Sunday 31st March :: PRESENTATION NIGHT
Day 8 Fishing 
Presentation Night


Monday 1st April :: Niugini Blue
Crying Towel 


We'll soon have the full Programme of Events PDF so you know when Lunch Pack nominations close, and when check times for last weigh ins will be held.