2015 Welcome


A very big welcome to all anglers looking to fish in the 2015 GFA of PNG National Game Fishing Titles to be held in the PMGFC waters off Port Moresby from the 28th  March to the 6th of April.

Port Moresby has a deserved reputation for delivering the biggest fish in PNG, with many of the long standing records for marlin, sharks and tuna having been set there.

The club waters cover a lot of country and cater for reef hunters and blue water anglers both, fishing ultra light through to heavy tackle.

Puma Energy, Global and Consort have again come on board with huge support as the naming sponsors. Many thanks chaps – it’s great working with three such super sponsors. It was very pleasing to have Puma Energy take over seamlessly from Interoil.

Elsewhere in this site you will find registration forms as well as results from previous years. For a running commentary during the Titles, visit our Facebook page

I look forward to enjoying a cold beer of two with you at the Port Moresby Yacht Club. 

Bob O’Dea
President GFA of PNG